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Claire Johnstone Health Insurance


Health Insurance is arguably the most personal of all insurances and because of this we offer a round the clock, one to one service.

Whether it’s a medical emergency or simply an enquiry regarding your cover I am are always on hand to provide assistance.

DKV is one of the largest providers of Private Medical Care in Europe. As a long established, experienced agent in the field of private medical, DKV  offers the most comprehensive cover and services for my clients.

Claire Johnstone Health Insurance


There are many things to consider when taking out a policy, you need to have peace of mind knowing that, if you are ever ill or experience a medical emergency, your policy will cover the treatment needed and you can concentrate on your recovery.

All policies cover you for the whole of Spain, not just the Alicante province plus we have 100s of DKV doctors and specialists for you to choose from. With the popular Integral Policy you are given a DKV medical card, if you need to go to the doctors, see a specialist, have a well man or woman check, you can make an appointment at the nearest listed medical centre, give your card to the receptionist and DKV will pay the clinic directly. The policy also covers accidents at work, sports injuries, unlimited amount per annum for prosthesis, 20,000€ per annum of emergency worldwide travel cover, dental check ups and much more.

We have everything you need covered with our Integral Policy


I am looking for an economical policy, while still enjoying private healthcare”

  • Access to our extensive medical directory
  • High copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example:
  • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €12


“I need a comprehensive cover that I can trust, without changes to the premium”

  • Access to our extensive medical directory
  • Low copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example
  • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €1.95
  • Other specialities: €2.95


“I would like to go to my doctor whenever I need to, without worrying about anything else.”

  • Access to our extensive medical directory
  • Co-payment example:
  • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €0
  • Other specialities: €0

Our MUNDI SALUD policy will travel with you

Our MUNDI SALUD Policy gives you cover where ever you are in the world, simply pay the bill DKV will reimburse the cost of treatment. (See cover limits here)

Or maybe you want to receive treatment outside of the DVK healthcare providers list?

MUNDI SALUD gives you more flexibility anywhere in the world

Primary care and specialists

Unlimited G.P appointments, Clinical analysis, Blood Tests, Unlimited specialist consultations, Well man checks, Well woman checks, Oncology, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic tests, Prevention programmes, Ambulance cover

Digital solutions for all your health care needs

Online video consultations with GPs and specialists

Read more about DKVs physiological and emotional Help Lines available for all clients. Check out the  DKV Quiero cuidarme Más APP HERE

Psychological and emotional Help Lines

Find out more about how DKV can support your mental health with their psychological and emotional help lines. Available in both Spanish and English.

See HERE for more information