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Claire Johnstone Health Insurance


There are moments when you want others to take care of everything.

That is why DKV and ERGO are ready to deal with all the problems that can arise in the event of the death of the insured person (the transfer of the deceased, cremation, burial, administration and family travel arrangements ). DKV and ERGO work with the most professional funeral directors in Spain.

Claire Johnstone Health Insurance


We take care of everything. The policy includes
– Repatriation for foreign residents at no extra charge ( In the event of the death of any insured foreign national residing in Spain, and at the request of his relatives, DKV will take care of the administration and costs of repatriation from the place of death in Spain to the nearest international airport to the place of burial in the insured person’s country of origin. In the event of repatriation, a return ticket from the country of origin to Spain, or vice versa, for a companion.

– Funeral arrangements as agreed
– Family, legal and psychological care
– Free online will
– Basic world wide assistance: – Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation expenses – travel for a relative in case of hospital admissions, – repatriation of the deceased from abroad.